The First 3C’s meeting was a successful one


Papua New Guinea vocal group from Marietta Bible College singing a beautiful song.

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The first 3C’s meeting last December was a great success, and we are thankful for everyone who contributed to it in many ways.

Being the first one, we learned along the way.

One of the food item (remember one of the 3C’s is “cuisines”) was still cooking when we had to be at the church, located diagonally across Marietta College, luckily it was using electric utensil, so we dragged it along and plugged it in at the church. So it worked just fine.

first 3C_4We had to move to a different space at the church, because the previous space now was being prepared for a Christmas event. It turned out that the space given to us was the perfect size and equipped with all that we needed to run the program. The food had to be set in another room, but it was better actually 🙂

Btw, one forgot to get the name tag, so everyone had to learn other’s name quite hard, especially when we played the “name game,” which everyone played so well.



On the menu: Pacific dish and Indonesian fried rice.

3C’s Stronger Connection (the 3C’s stand for cross-cultural-cuisines) is a program ran by Global Christian Students Community (GCSC) to nurture friendship and cultural appreciation among international students and friends. While “Cross” indicates a Christian aspect in the 3C’s program, it doesn’t mean that it is only for Christian students (there is another meeting by GCSC for Christian students group).

3C’s Stronger Connection invites international students and friends, regardless of creeds or non-creed to come together, and learn from one another, to ask hard question on religious beliefs and sharing experiences of their religious walk.

So we will share the invitation for the next meeting.




Thanks to bro Andrew for coordinating the prayer effort, bro Samson for handling transportation, bro Kwike for coordinating programs and preparing the delicious Pacific dish, bro Ray for sharing insights about what GCSC and our 3C’s program (and for bringing Indonesian fried rice), bro Richard for documenting and sis Matilda for being a strong help wherever needed, including in giving motivation and cooking advice. PNG vocal group from Marietta Bible College (MBC), thank you all for sharing your beautiful talents, and for everyone who came and had fun together both from MBC and Marietta College. A special thanks to community member/student’s mentor family who came along and enjoyed playing games and sharing stories. And a very very special thanks to First Baptist Church of Marietta for the space and hospitality we were given. 

(Did I leave out anybody? Please let me know by commenting below)

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