February 2016 3C’s Event: Where did that help come from?

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Despite of the snowy weather, 3C’s Stronger Connection meeting last February 25, 2016 was well attended; grateful for all who came.

The team made an early preparation this time with onion dicing and carrot cutting started at about 1 pm.

Everything was on time until Bro Ray realized he forgot to bring his computer for the power point presentation; went home and came back really quick only to find out that he, with some help of other students, was not able to make the LCD projector worked – That was not good because the speaker of the day, Bro Kwike, had a short video to play on the screen.

The unprecedented help came from one of the participants: Sis Laura, who came with Sis Sharon, stepped up, checking some cable connection and pressing some buttons, and lo and behold, the projector worked fine.

Bro Kwike traced the history of Valentine’s Day in the early days, and pointed out that “Love,” as our theme, could only be seen in action.

He connected it to God’s love as manifested in Christ Jesus.

It received some comments from the participants. One said that the love (in context: agape = unconditional love) received from God is to be shared with everyone else.

Maybe just like the food we shared together after the talk and discussion.

We had Tikka masala, traditional Indian cuisine, and delicious chicken strips vegi with sauce, a Chinese cuisine. A special thanks to Sis Sue for bringing fresh vegetable to share.

Our next theme for 3C’s (cross-cultural-cuisines) meeting is “Suffering.” Bro Samson will be sharing his take on this topic and participants are invited to share their thoughts at their convenience.

The program is scheduled at 4.30 pm-5.45pm running from game, talk, discussion, cultural presentation, and ends with traditional cuisines dinner.

5.45 pm-6.30pm can be a good time for those who come and want to stay to catch up, or study together, while the team cleans the kitchen and unoccupied tables.


Last but not least, thanks to Papua New Guinea students’ vocal group who came and shared a beautiful song, also in their linguistic dialect.


Thanks to Bro Andrew for leading the prayer effort. For Bro Samson for coordinating transportation. Bro Richard for ushering and making documentations, also for doing the PR. For Bro Clay, Bro Joshua, Bro Solomon and others for helping with the cleaning. For Sis Matilda for playing with little Caleb while his papa was cooking Tikka Masala. And Bro Kwike for speaking and making the presentation, along with doing PR and cooking the delicious Chinese dish (he said he forgot the name). For mentor families and all students who came and shared your thoughts, and for everyone who made the snowy day felt like a wonderful day in summer time (at least for one). And again for the wonderful support of First Baptist Church of Marietta, for Pastor Chad, thanks for the space and warm welcome for everyone.

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